The this document takes as an object to establish the General Conditions of Use of the mobile applications entitlement of DiHola, S. L. (from now on DiHola) with registered office in Cornellà de Llobregat (08940 Barcelona), Avda. dels Alps 48 finished 15 and C. I. F. number B67001628 and inscribed in the Mercantile Record of Barcelona, DiHola reserves the right to modify the present Conditions of Use in order to adapt them to the applicable current legislation in every moment. The present Conditions of Use do not exclude the possibility that certain Services of the applications, for its particular characteristics, are submitted, in addition to the General Conditions of Use, to their own particular conditions of use (from now on the Particular Conditions). The Company will be able, in any moment and without need for previous notice, to realize changes and updates of the present Conditions of Use and of the Politics of Privacy. These changes will be published in the Web and in la/s Application / Is and they will be effective from the moment of its publication. As a result of the previous thing, the User will have to check periodically if there are changes under these circumstances and, so much if express assent exists as if not, if the User keeps on using the Service after the publication, it implies the acceptance and assumption of the same ones. In case it does not agree with the updates of the Conditions of use or of the Politics of Privacy, he will be able to resign stopping using the Service. The access and discharge of the application is free except in the relative thing to the cost of the connection through the network of telecommunications given by the provider of access hired by the users. Certain services are exclusive for our clients and its access is restricted. The discharge and use of the application attributes the user's condition of the same one (from now on, the 'User') and implies the reading, understanding and acceptance of all the terms and conditions gathered by present.


The User recognizes and accepts that the use of the contents and/or services offered by the present mobile application will be under its exclusive risk and/or responsibility. The User promises to use the present mobile application and all its content and Services in accordance with the law, the morality, the public order and the present Conditions of Use, and the Particular Conditions that, in its case, him are of application. Also, it commits itself to make a suitable use of the services and/or contents of the mobile application and not to use them to realize illicit or constitutive activities of crime, which commit an outrage against the rights of third and/or which infringe the regulation on intellectual and industrial property, or any other norms of the applicable juridical arranging.

In particular, the User promises not to transmit, introduce, spread and set at the disposal of third, any type of material and information (suppressed information, messages, drawings, files of sound and image, photos, software, etc.) that are opposite to the law, the morality, the public order and the present Conditions of Use and, in its case, to the Particular Conditions that him are of application.

To expository title, and in no limitative or exclusive case, the User commits himself to:


DiHola reserves all the rights on the marks, trade names or other distinctive signs, the patents, and the intellectual property, with regard to the content and design of the application. All the contents of the same one, including without limitative character, texts, graphs, images, its design and the rights of intellectual property that could correspond to the above mentioned contents, as well as the marks, trade names or any other property of DiHola sealed distinctive sound, remaining reserved all the rights on the same ones. The marks, trade names or distinctive signs are a DiHola entitlement, without it c be understood that the discharge, access and use of the application attributes no right to him on the said marks, trade names and/or distinctive signs.


DiHola does not guarantee at all times the availability of access and continuity of the functioning of the present mobile application and of its services, therefore DiHola will not be responsible, with the limits established in the current Juridical Arranging, for the damages caused to the User as a result for the unavailability, mistakes of access and lacking in continuity in the present mobile application and its Services. DiHola will answer only and exclusively of the Services that it should give for itself and of the contents straight caused by the company and identified with its copyright. The above mentioned responsibility will remain excluded in the cases in which causes of force majeure meet or in the assumptions in which the configuration of the devices of the User is not adapted to allow the correct use of the Internet services given by DiHola. The discharge, access and use of the application in the mobile or similar devices, does not imply the obligation on the part of DiHola to control the absence of virus, worms or any other harmful computer element. There corresponds to the User, in any case, the availability of hardware adapted for the detection and disinfection of harmful computer programs.


DiHola does not guarantee that the Users of the present mobile application use the contents and/or services of the same one in accordance with the law, the morality, the public order, not the present General Conditions and, in its case, the Particular conditions that result from application. Also, it does not guarantee the veracity and accuracy, thoroughness and/or authenticity of the information provided by the Users. DiHola will not be responsible, indirect not subsidiarity, of the damages of any nature derived from the use of the Services and Contents of the application on the part of the Users or that could stem from the absence of veracity, accuracy and/or authenticity of the information or information provided by the Users, or of the forgery of the identity of a third one carried out by a User in any class of performance across the present mobile application. Therefore, the use of this application does not imply the obligation on the part of DiHola to verify the veracity, accuracy, adequacy, suitability, thoroughness and actuality of the information given across the same one. DiHola takes responsibility neither of the decisions taken from the information given across the application nor of the damages produced in the User or third owing to performances that take the information obtained in the application as the only foundation.

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